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Contest Guidelines and Information

Please make a video of how you use the necklace, tell us about why you like it what you use it for and more. 


-You must be 18 or older  to enter a video.

-Videos need to be at least 30 seconds long.

-Please record your video in the standard quality setting of your phone or computer (usually 30 fps, for reference).

-Shaky video or video with a lot of camera movement will be disqualified.

-Please avoid yes, no, or one word answers. We need as much detail as you can provide.

-You will need to be comfortable with your likeness being on the internet. These videos will be used for promotional and advertising purposes. Please do not submit a video if you are unsure of your decision.

-We will need you to sign a simple legal waiver/agreement giving us permission to use your video in promotional or advertising material if you win. 

-Please do not include any personal information other than your first name in your video. Please make sure not to disclose your last name, location, occupation, or any other sensitive personal information.  If you happen to accidentally include any personal info, you won't be disqualified but we will remove it for your safety.

-If for some reason our use of a video that features you should become harmful to you (highly unlikely, but we want you to feel comfortable), we will of course remove it from any platforms on which it is being shown.

Winners should immediately contact us for help if they are being made to feel unsafe. 


Please include as many of your responses to the following question prompts as you can, using your own words and experiences. 

The more detailed and in-depth your responses are, the better! 

The answers to the prompts are simple, paired-down possible answers provided for some context. Try to respond in a way that feels authentic to you.

Authentic expression is worth its weight in gold!

1)  How did you find us?

-Example response: "I found Beiam through an Instagram ad. There was a photo of a purple stone in a silver necklace in front of a snowy landscape that really caught my eye and made me wonder what  it was"

2) What drew you to the Gateway?

-Example Response: "I was interested in the Gateway once I realized how nice it would be to have a necklace that I could customize every day based on what I'm wearing or how I'm feeling"

3) How do you use your Gateway and Cores? Do you change what you’re wearing based on your mood, your style, your energy, trying to set a tone for your day, etc? 

-Example Responses: "I wear my Gateway everyday but usually change my core every few days based how I would like to feel in the near future or because the stone matches the vibe of what I would like to do in the upcoming few days." 

"I like to switch it up to go with my style. I like wearing a bold Malachite with an all black outfit for a pop of color or switching to complementary or neutral tones when I wear bright colors or big patterns."

4) Do you feel like your Gateway helps you to express yourself? Please feel free to describe your style, aesthetic or vibe and what make you feel unique as a person (but make sure not to include sensitive personal information!)

Example Responses: "I like that the Gateway is outwardly simple and sleek, but I like that it has hidden depths. I get to customize it how ever I want, whenever I want. I can keep it the same for months if I want and then change out the core and suddenly it's a necklace with an entirely different look and feel. I like the Gateway because I'm not personally outwardly flashy, but I have a lot of hidden depth."

"I like being able to shift colors and textures based on how I feel in the moment or in my day"

"Being able to wear crystals in a way that doesn't draw attention to the fact that I love crystals is super helpful! I look professional, I get to wear and work with energies that I love, and I don't have to endure awkward questions or weird looks"

5) What is your favorite Core and why?  (It can be literally any reason)

Example Response: "My favorite core is Rainbow Moonstone. It's a nice shade of white that compliments everything I wear and has a beautiful sheen when the light hits it. I feel like it makes me more aware of my internal landscape and more responsive to the people around me."

6) What was your first reaction to seeing a Gateway, either in one of our ads, on instagram, or on another person?

We don't want to prime anyone with an example response for this question. Since we make it, we have no idea what it's like to see or interact with the necklace for the first time having no idea what it is! Whatever came to mind for you is perfect.

7) Bonus points for including a visual demonstration of how easy it is to switch out your cores, chains, etc. If you want to show people your favorite stones, show off how your necklace works with different outfits or looks, or anything else you can think of feel free to do it! You'll get zero judgement here 💕.  

We love seeing people express their enthusiasm for literally anything in a real way. 

Good luck to everyone and thank you!



    Let customers speak for us

    292 reviews
    Beautiful, simple

    The sterling silver gateway is exactly what I was hoping to find--a quality piece I can wear regularly that is timeless, clean, and simple. Being able to fill it with a core of my choice is the icing!


    this is my favorite crystal necklace so far. The design is very cool and chic, everyone loves my necklace.

    Love it!

    I got my wife the silver gateway and a rose quartz, labradorite, amethyst, sunstone, and white flash moonstone as our anniversary present. She loves it! Got myself the sideways black gateway with Amazonite and it’s really classy - simple, but elegant and masculine. We want to get all the stones and gateways eventually.

    Moonstone shimmmer

    Amazing quality crystal .. Just wow. I have hundreds of crystals , raw tumbled towers points etc.. These cores for the Beiam gateways are stellar. I wish Beaim keeps making more variety of cores..i will buy them all

    So Beautiful

    I absolutely love my Beiam products! The High Grade Amazonite is amazing! The color is brilliant and I love the way it looks and feels when I wear it. Thank you Beiam for the great products and service.