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Interchangeable components give you an unparalleled freedom to express yourself. The small, light parts, and ease of switching components means that the Gateway can be almost as dynamic as you are.

Choose between a variety of chain and key-ring styles to make it your own.

The Gateway is a modular accessory that can be a necklace or a keychain.

Cores are modular and can be switched out at any time.


Our jewelry is designed via computer programs and then realized using 3D printing, metal casting and CNC machining.

The Gateway

The Gateway is a modular accessory that lets you change out what is inside of it as well as switch it between a keychain and a necklace. There are currently 5 styles of the Gateway available.

Hand Made

We hand make all of the constructed mineral cores in-house. Our materials are sorted, cleaned, cast and finished in our resin lab. We use high quality materials to create a lasting, unique product.


Cores are easily interchangeable in the jewelry. We make them from high quality stones, woods, and resin. We have many single stone options as well as thoughtfully crafted stone mixes created to help with a variety of issues.

Constructed Cores

We use smaller stones and a resin casting process to create our constructed mineral cores. This allows us to use stones that are beautiful, but too small to cut and to create custom cores, mixes, and bring vibrant colors to life in a way that cannot be achieved with cut stone. 

Cut Cores

These cores are made by cutting rough core shapes out of larger pieces of stone. They are then carefully shaped and polished with lapidary equipment.

Chains, Cords and Key rings

We have a lot of options for wearing or carrying your Gateway. We make cotton cords in four colors. We offer leather cords in black and dark brown. We offer gold plated brass, stainless steel, sterling silver and house-made bronze plated steel chain. You can also carry your Gateway on a key ring. We offer gold, silver, antique copper, and gunmetal colored key rings.



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