Beiam is a modular jewelry company.

We are an independent small business that designs and creates unique modular jewelry products. Our goal is to create well-made, high-quality modular accessories that compliment everyone. We don't intend to make over priced status symbols or under priced mass-manufactured goods. Our products are designed to be attractive, inclusive, easy to wear and to last for a lifetime if cared for. They can be used and renewed with each new stage of life, given new purpose and meaning by each individual's unique journey. 


Comprised of multiple parts, Beiam jewelry can take many forms including necklaces, key chains, earrings and more.


We have an unwavering dedication to quality. We strive to ensure every piece of jewelry we make meets the highest standards we can set.


Our modern designs and manufacturing methods create beautiful, lasting products with minimal material waste.    


We make and finish everything we can in-house, including cores, content and displays. A lot of hands-on time and dedicated attention go into our products. 

We outsource some of our designs for production by partners with the equipment and expertise to make them efficiently to the highest standard. 

We handcraft our constructed and glow cores ourselves in our studio. All of our designs are created and prototyped in house, and we also produce our own retail displays, photos, digital content and signage.

Beiam \ [beem]

I am is the shortest statement that a unique, conscious individual can make. It means you have a unique experience in and perspective of the world that will never be had again. Be I Am is a reminder to be yourself. This is why our brand was created. To encourage and remind you that being yourself is the biggest contribution you can make to the world. 

Our modular jewelry brand was created to allow your perspective and innate uniqueness to shine through with an ever-changing, fluid modular system for you to express yourself with.


Let customers speak for us

29 reviews
Opal core

This opal core I purchased was absolutely amazing . All the way from Ethiopia . All different colors like green, blue, and even red . Definitely succeeded my expectations . Excellent customer service

Amethyst, Labradorite, Rose Quartz with a Gateway
Ingenious product, very good energy!

Each of the cores had exemplary energies of each crystal. I love this very much and will definitely be buying more ❤💛💚💙💜


This is Alex. Met y’all at Elements - at Tiff’s booth. Black onyx is dope! Thanks!

Lapis Lazuli Core
So good!

Compliments every time I wear it. Very high quality like all Beiam products.

Amethyst, Labradorite, Rose Quartz with a Gateway
I love this jewelry!

Excellent design, fabulous vibes, beautiful necklace. Everyone who sees the pendant, with whichever core, says they want one!