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Mineral Writeups


From bright yellow gold to deeper burnt orange, our Indonesian Amber is honeyed majesty. This petrified tree resin holds within it ancient wisdom and life force that the wearer can tap into. It can help you access the memories and lessons learned by your ancestors and held by your DNA. It is a wonderful stone for those interested in accessing past life memories. The most desirable trait of amber, though is its ability to draw away pain and disease from the mind, body, and spirit by absorbing negative, stuck, or lingering energies into itself and transforming them into positive healing energy that can flow freely through the entirety of the self. It is also helpful for grief and depression. This core is ideal choice for people with any kind of chronic physical or mental illness.



Amethyst is an excellent stilling stone. It can still an overactive mind, still compulsions and addictions, and bring heightened emotional states to a smooth and even place. It simultaneously carries the vibrations of creativity, fire, passion, and emotional and spiritual development. It’s a great choice for people new to using or wearing stones. Our Amethyst comes from Brazil and is hand shaped into inserts.



Aquamarine is a very subtle light blue, and pops particularly well in the brass Portal necklace. Aquamarine is known as a stone for serene travel and speaking the truth. It is protective to the wearer and helps with communicating things that are difficult or scary to say, but need to be spoken.


Blue Apatite:

Our vibrant Afghan Blue Apatite has an amazing array of helpful qualities under its belt. The Apatite family is known for helping clear negative emotion and apathy and to boost learning and personal growth, but the Blue Apatite is the most spiritually uplifting of them all. It helps to clean out your auric field and mental body and then attunes with both your Throat and Third Eye chakras. This can for some mean an emergence of psychic talent and for others an increased ability to communicate difficult to explain subject matters with much more ease and flow. For the spiritually curious or inclined, this stone can be used in meditation to access past life memory and do past life work. This is a great core choice for people with good or complex ideas that have trouble communicating them and for people interested in spiritual and emotional growth.


Blue Kyanite:

A balancing stone, this batch of Blue Kyanite comes from Brazil. Soft blue/grey tones linger behind bold blue streaks mixed with occasional streaks of orange from the iron in the soil in which it forms.

Blue Kyanite is great for balancing your chakras and acts as a great overall stabilizer. Use when you need higher vibrational alignment with a touch of grounding.



These Congolese Chrysocolla cores are a blue-green wonderland of textures with occasional additions of deep blue Azurite and deep, bright green Malachite as they often grow with each other. Chrysocolla is a stone that carries strong vibrations of gentle but powerful communication, expression, teaching, and an increased awareness of the effect of our words on ourselves and others. The light blue carries an energy of peacefulness, calm, and compassion for the self and others. This is a great stone for students, teachers, and people who work in difficult environments.

Chrysocolla and Malachite combined create a very unique energetic frequency that can help with emotional release and personal transformation. Malachite works to bring out stuck emotions and clear them while Chrysocolla helps soothe emotions and makes the transformation smoother.


Clear Quartz:

Called “The Supreme Gift of Mother Earth,” Quartz is a powerful light bringer and manifestor stone. It can be programmed with any energy, instruction, or intent you wish to put into it and will emanate that energy continuously. It houses the entire color spectrum within it when touched by light, so you can use it to amplify anything you like from root to crown, within you or outside of you. Our Brazilian Quartz is hand shaped into inserts.



This beautiful clear, white, and light pink stone is a soothing and uplifting boon to the nervous. It helps activate your mind and higher consciousness in a heart based way, while soothing anxieties and mental and emotional turmoil. Danburite has a gentle yet powerful energy that helps coax open your crown chakra, your seat of intuition, wisdom, and connection to spirit. This is an ideal core for gentle souls who have a lot of anxiety they can’t seem to get under control.



Our Columbian Emerald was mined in the 1970’s and is an exceptionally crisp array of the shades of Emerald green. It is natural and untreated, and occasionally contains small amounts of the black matrix in which it grows. Emerald works to open and support your heart chakra, promoting unconditional love, patience with yourself and others, and a sense of unity with those you love. It is a great stone for fostering loyalty, contentment, friendship, and a stronger bond between partners. Emerald is also known to boost wisdom, memory, focus, and mental clarity. For the spiritually inclined, Emerald can help open and activate psychic abilities and used in meditation can help you connect to higher realms of consciousness in a loving, heart-based way. This stone is ideal for partners (romantic, work, etc.), and for those seeking to open themselves spiritually while remaining true to their own heart. 


Green Tourmaline (Verdelite):

Ranging from bright yellow-green to deep forest green to a soft mint, our Brazilian Verdelite packs a wallop of color and energetic power. This stone is an amazing healer of the heart; physically, emotionally, and energetically. It concentrates in on the heart and directs powerful healing energies into it and out into the entire self. Verdelite also helps to connect you to the energies of unconditional love and the Earth. If you are feeling a lack of self-love and love from others or are in need of heart based healing, this core is for you.


Lapis Lazuli:

A deep blue wonderland of textures and shades with hints of white and gold, Lapis Lazuli is a stone that has been prized by almost every major civilization as a stone of magic, wisdom, sound judgement, intellectual ability, and finding and speaking the truth. This core is great for truth-seekers of all stripes, for those called to healing, and for people who have difficulty setting boundaries with others.



This beautiful crystal is a tektite ranging in color from forest to olive green (formed by a meteorite strike) that can only be found in Czech Republic. Moldavite gives off a very intense energy immediately. It has a strong combination of earthly and extraterrestrial energies that very quickly open up blocked chakras and energy pathways and begin immediate acceleration of personal and emotional growth. If you are on a journey of personal growth or self improvement, this stone is a wonderful catalyst to help you with achieving your goals. Please be aware that some people will find the feeling of moldavite too intense physically or emotionally and will not wish to wear it for a time after their first experience. Usually once the resistance has passed people can wear them much more comfortably and use them to accelerate positive life changes.


Red Garnet:

Our African Red Garnet is a beautiful scarlet red with undertones of earthy brown in a profile that lets light in and color out. Garnet is a stone that amplifies the root chakra, increasing your innate inner strength and willpower to achieve goals and protect yourself from negative forces. It can boost libido and sexual desire when it has waned as well as rekindling interest in romantic relationships if worn by both partners. It’s a great stone for married couples or long time partners who want to work together to keep passion a priority. It’s also a great stone for single people looking to attract passionate love.



Our Tanzanian Ruby has an array of vivid hues including deep red-pink, light red, strong red-orange, and vibrant true red. They blend together beautifully to give a full profile of all the colors natural, untreated rubies have to offer. Rubies carry the vibration of the Pure Red Ray, a force that actively works with your root chakra to fill you with vibrant physical energy. It helps you get through your day with a clear mind and sense of purpose, self-confidence, and power that help you blaze down the road of achievement and success. If you are generally shy, timid, or prone to letting people speak over you or take away your power a Ruby is the perfect stone for you.



An orange, pink, and copper-flecked crystal melange in core form. Hailing from Montana USA, this is the most stunning natural sunstone we’ve ever seen. Sunstone works strongly with the sacral chakra and is known best as an abundance stone of several forms. It helps to draw material abundance and comfort your way. It simultaneously increases your independence and originality and can help draw out talents yet unnoticed, thus creating abundance in your work life and emotionally. Physically, it helps you maintain heightened vital energy throughout the day and increases the joy and enthusiasm with which you experience your day. The main attraction of this stone though is the abundance of strength it can bring you to help you feel emotionally stable without having to rely on others and to alleviate fear and stress in difficult situations. This stone is great for a lot of people, but especially for those experiencing depression and anxiety. Let Sunstone help you to lift yourself up, see your own worth again, and help you accomplish your goals.


Yellow Apatite: 

Yellow Apatite is the stone that is closest to the Pure Yellow Ray, a color that works with your Solar Plexus chakra to assist with mental clarity, learning, focus, heightened willpower and decision making, and manifestation. It assists with having and building self-confidence and self-worth, which are key ingredients to manifesting your dreams and desires. It has a distinctly male energy but can help men and women build upon the traditionally masculine qualities of taking risks and being assertive in the pursuit of what they want. This Mexican Yellow Apatite is an ideal choice for people with business ideas, art projects, or personal passion projects that they have yet to try to make real. This core will help bright those minds shake off apathy and self doubt and get down to making their idea a reality.