What are Cores?

Our jewelry is based around the idea that everyone is an individual, a unique being unto themselves. With that in mind, we created a modular jewelry line to help the wearer express themselves as that unique being.
Cores are the essence of this modularity.
Cores are interchangeable rods within a specific jewelry line: i.e. a Core that fits into a Portal Series necklace will also fit into a Portal Series bracelet.
They come in many materials: minerals, gems, woods, glass and resin. Most of them are handmade at our studio, but some are made by outside partners.
Some of the ones that we make in-house are cast with resin and hand-finished on a faceting machine. This includes most of the mineral Cores you see on the site.
With a large variety of colors, minerals and gems for you to choose from we're certain you'll find your Core.