Balance Mix (Danburite & Shungite)

Danburite is a high vibrational stone said to have a very gentle but powerful energy. It is thought to act on the Heart chakra, the Third Eye chakra, and the Crown chakra to bring deep healing and release old karmic baggage. It may also helps the wearer to connect to higher knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.


The Shungite is said to act to ground what the Danburite helps release as well as other negative or stagnant energies in the body and aura of the wearer. The Shungite is also useful because of it is thought to be very protective in nature, keeping the wearer safe from harsh emotional and physical energies (like EMF radiation) while they release old baggage.


This mix was made with ideal balance in mind, to not only to help a wearer to release old emotions and energies that no longer serve them, but to quickly and effectively move them out and make room for new energies and experiences.

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