De-stress Mix

Celestite is thought to carry a very soothing, angelic energy that may act to lessen the intensity, effects of and causes of stress, anxiety, and emotional overload. It is said to cleanse the environment and auric field of the wearer, and to help to connect them to high vibrational truth and guidance. This guidance can be helpful for people suffering from stress and anxiety as having access to higher truth reveals the actual nature of the issues they are facing. When we can look at a situation with clarity instead of fear, we have the freedom to decide what to do or to look at options that aren’t limited by feeling small or powerless.


Shungite is said to be a powerful grounding stone. Comprised of 98% carbon,  it is thought to act to powerfully pull and ground negative, stagnant, and uncomfortable energies in the body and auric field down into the Earth, as well as to shield wearers against outside sources of negative energy.


We make this combination in hopes to help people move the uncomfortable negative energies that stress, anxiety, and fear produce in our bodies. As well as to soothe, calm, and protect the wearer from any more outside sources of stress and anxiety.

This combination is may also be helpful for people experiencing significant sleep interruptions caused by stress, anxiety, or depression.


Contains: Celestite, Shungite, and resin

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