Find Yourself (Red Garnet and Moonstone)

The Red Garnet in this mix was included because it is said to act to activate and clear the Root Chakra, the seat of your identity and being. It is thought to help release fears, worries, anxiety, and overwhelm in the physical and emotional fields to give you clarity in the present moment, unswayed by the past or future.


The Moonstone is included because it is thought to act as a guide to help you energetically plumb your own depths and mysteries and bring your hidden aspects and features into the light of your awareness.


This mix was made to be helpful for people who feel like they may have lost or temporarily mislaid their sense of knowing who they are.

With these two energies, it is thought that you may have an easier time finding and integrating the aspects and pieces of yourself that were lost or went missing over time. It is important to know that the process is neither immediate or easy, the stones may lead you to what you need, but taking actions on the knowledge and energies it brings you is entirely up to you.


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