A beautiful white stone that has streaks and lines of black and grey running through it, Howlite is a wonderful accent stone. Each one is different, no two are the same.

The meaning of the name of this mineral relates to the person who first discovered it, a Canadian chemist called Henry How.

It is most frequently found as white nodules that have prominent grey, brown or black veins through them. 


Most typically associated with calmness, increased awareness and patience.


-Natural Stone


Care Instructions: Stones will break if they are dropped onto a hard surface. Do not wear cores while running or other activities with visible fault lines

Dimensions: L: 28mm/1.1 inches W: 6mm/0.23 inches D: 6mm/0.23 inches

*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.


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