Labradorite High Grade

Origin: Canada


  • Called the stone of magic, it said to help those who wear it to pierce the veil between worlds and to tune into their spirit and spiritual gifts.
  • Thought to be a powerful booster of intuition and ability to receive and understand divine guidance
  • The most protective of all minerals, it is said to create a full auric shield from unwanted outside energies and boosts the wearer's natural energies inside the shield. It is an ideal stone for the energetically and/or emotionally sensitive and for those who work in difficult environments or with difficult people


Hand cut Labradorite.


The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. A purchase includes one core.


Additional information:

Element: Water    Chakra(s): Third Eye, Throat    Associated Astrological Sign: Cancer

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Opal Core

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