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Labradorite High Grade

This core is individually hand-faceted from deep gray-green Labradorite that has a naturally vibrant flash that runs the color spectrum from orange to violet-blue. The most common flash colors are deep blue, light blue and green.

Labradorite is called a stone of Higher Consciousness.

Other notable stated properties include: expansion, access to personal innate wisdom, spiritual connection/growth, and connection to psychic ability. 

Care Instructions: Labradorite can dissolve when submerged in water for a length of time, especially in a chlorinated swimming pool. While you can shower with your Labradorite on, we strongly recommend that you remove your Labradorite before swimming or bathing. We also recommend that you thoroughly dry both your Gateway and Labradorite core after showers.


Dimensions:  L: 28mm/1.1 inches   W: 6mm/0.23 inches  D: 6mm/0.23 inches

*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
K. Leroy Brown
Beautiful and Vibrant

My core was absolutely beautiful! Its colors are so vibrant and dynamic and I love it.

David Smith
Bright flash in a smoky package

I pair my labradorite core with a black gateway usually but looks great with the silver too, and it has a very nice blue flash the full length of the core.

Beautiful necklace

The necklace itself is quite delicate and beautiful. The cores surprised me with their high quality. I wasn't expecting the grade of stone to be so nice. The customer service was awesome. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Rodrigo Torrano
Dark stone

I was very excited on how quickly I received my order. When it arrived it came with a handwritten note that made me feel like I was purchasing from a special store. However, out of the three cores I purchased, the high grade labradorite was my least favorite but the most expensive. It lacks shine and color. It doesn't stand out neither in the black nor the matte gold gateway.

Angela Kornkven

The labradorite I received is so beautiful! Lots of gorgeous flash and color. It looks so nice in my gold or silver core. Customer service at this company is also outstanding - I got super prompt answers to my questions and the help I received was amazing. I think one of my favorite things about the gateways and cores is since every gem is unique I feel like I own a piece of jewelry that is truly one of a kind. I seriously cannot say enough good things about beiam!!!!