Origin: Russia


  • It carries a very intense and high frequency energy that is a blend of earthly and extraterrestrial, not surprising as it was formed by a meteorite impact
  • Said to be a powerful accelerator of personal and spiritual growth that leads you where you need to be, willingly or not. Some people find it uncomfortable to wear for more than a couple of hours at a time because of the intensity
  • It decreases fear of the difficult aspects of life and increases ease in making life choices and making money by pulling powerful synchronistic opportunities towards the wearer


Hand crafted with Moldavite and resin.


The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. A purchase includes one core.


Additional information: 

Element: Earth, Ether    Chakra(s): Heart, Third Eye, Crown    Associated Astrological Sign: All




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25 reviews
So good!

Compliments every time I wear it. Very high quality like all Beiam products.

I love this jewelry!

Excellent design, fabulous vibes, beautiful necklace. Everyone who sees the pendant, with whichever core, says they want one!

great product


Legit love & support everything about this company & team. Amazing cusomter service and magical stones!


Great as always!