Psychic Bundle

The Creative Bundle includes:

  • a Gateway in your choice of natural brass or silver aluminum
  • a Labradorite core
  • a Moldavite Danburite Mix constructed core
  • a matching chain in the length of your choice

The Psychic Bundle was made to help you tap into and open your innate higher perception and metaphysical gifts. Labradorite is included to protect you and help you blaze the trail of spiritual self discovery, to help you come to awareness of your connection to spirit, your psychic talents, and a strong connection to intuition. The Moldavite Danburite Mix is included to accelerate personal and spiritual development, to create a strong link to spirit guides and to help you stay open to new experiences.

We make bundles to take choice overwhelm out of the equation and save you money.

*Our Aluminum Gateways are anodized to protect you and the metal.

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25 reviews
So good!

Compliments every time I wear it. Very high quality like all Beiam products.

I love this jewelry!

Excellent design, fabulous vibes, beautiful necklace. Everyone who sees the pendant, with whichever core, says they want one!

great product


Legit love & support everything about this company & team. Amazing cusomter service and magical stones!


Great as always!