The Heart Opener Mix (Pink and Green Tourmaline)

Origin: Mt. Mica, Maine


Pink Tourmaline is said to work primarily on the wearer’s emotions and imparts an energy of comfort and calm while it is hard at work releasing trauma, grief, hurt, and other heavy emotions that sit in the Heart. It is thought to help heal old wounds and the destructive behaviors those wounds spawned that the wearer has not yet had luck healing by other means. As it moves out the old and heavy energies it draws light, happy, joy-filled energies and helps people who have suffered a lot to be able to emotionally and physically start to relax.


Green Tourmaline is a perfect heart healing compliment. It is said to channel a lot of clean, Earth based physical energy into the Heart center and the whole self of the wearer, providing the strength and resources needed to get through healing deep wounds. Green Tourmaline is also thought to help the wearer to shift their outlook on life and other people from dark and distrustful to openness to the miraculous. It is also said to help people feel immense gratitude for the good things and people that have been in their lives. It may really help to change the lens through which the wearer is looking at the world, thus changing the way they feel about themselves and their lives.


This mix is a powerhouse for activating and healing the Heart Chakra. It can be very beneficial for people who have lived through a lot of difficult or painful situations in life and have found themselves profoundly affected by those experiences. This is a core specifically made for deep and profound Heart Chakra healing.


Contains: Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and resin


Contains: Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and resin

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