Beiam is a modular jewelry company.

We are an independent small business that designs and creates unique modular jewelry products. 

Our goal is to create well-made, high-quality modular accessories that compliment everyone at any budget. 

Our products are designed to be attractive, inclusive, easy to wear and to last for a lifetime if cared for. They can be used and renewed with each new stage of life, given new purpose and meaning by each individual's unique journey.

Our pendant designs are made of multiple parts, giving you the ability to customize your look.

You choose all of the components to create personalized pieces that work for you. 

The modular nature of the products means your Gateway can take many forms including necklaces and keychains.

What's in our Name?

Beiam, pronounced [beem], is a play on words containing the statement "Be I Am."

"I am" is the shortest statement that a unique, conscious individual can make. It means you have a unique experience in and perspective of the world that will never be had again. 

Be I Am is a reminder to be yourself. This is why our brand was created, to encourage and remind you that being yourself is the biggest contribution you can make to the world. 

Our modular jewelry was created to allow your perspective and innate uniqueness to shine through with an ever-changing, fluid and modular system that makes it easy to express yourself.