Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce beiam?

“Beiam” is pronounced  /beem/, like a beam of light.


What is beiam?

Beiam is a modular jewelry company. 

What do you sell?

We sell modular jewelry. We carefully designed and refined the Gateway to be simple, useful, and attractive to a broad range of tastes and affordable to a broad range of people. We offer a wide catalog of handcrafted, interchangeable mineral, wood, and specialty mixed mineral cores that display inside of the Gateway. We also offer chains, house made cords, leather cords, and key rings on which to display your Gateway.


What do you make?

We design all the jewelry and make a majority of the Cores that go into our jewelry.  We carefully designed and refined the Gateway to be simple, useful, and attractive to a broad range of tastes and affordable to a broad range of people. We have them made using CNC precision milling and 3D Printing and Casting. We hand craft the lovely interchangeable cores that display inside of the Gateway. We also make an array of custom cords that Gateways can be worn on in house.


What are cores?

Cores are interchangeable cylinders that can be worn in our jewelry. We make them with different kinds of minerals, woods, and resin. Our catalog is primarily comprised of cut stone cores, constructed mineral cores, and specialty mineral mix constructed cores. Each is made by hand and unique, so every Core will be slightly different than the others of its kind. Think sisters, not twins.


How are cores made?

All of our cores are made by hand using different methods for the different options:

-Cut mineral cores are made from larger pieces of the mineral that are cut on a saw and then worked into cylindrical cores and polished on lapidary machines.

-Constructed cores and mixed mineral cores are made with high quality minerals that are broken down by hand, hand built in our core molds, and held in place with a high quality, non-yellowing resin. We finish and polish all constructed and mixed mineral cores by hand on our lapidary equipment.


Why do you make mixed cores?

Mixes give us an opportunity to blend beautiful colors and different energies to address specific aspects of life and healing. Mixes energetically meld together and create a new and unique energy, rather than just being a sum of their parts. This gives us the ability to make specialty products that can be more specifically useful to people in daily life. We dream up new mixes all the time and are always open to suggestions, so always feel free to DM or email us with a question or suggestion.


Does resin affect the vibration of the crystals?

We have been asked this by some concerned crystal lovers in the past and want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the product.

In our personal experience we have not found that the resin in any way interferes with the crystals’ vibrations. In fact, making them with many many pieces of broken down crystal seems to have an amplifying effect on vibration when compared to a cut stone of the same crystal from the same location.

We started making the constructed cores as a way to be able to offer really beautiful, high quality minerals that are very hard to find in sizes large enough to cut and we’re very proud of the results.

If you’re curious to try them out we offer free shipping and returns on orders over $50, so there’s nothing to lose.


Where do your minerals come from?

We buy from sellers that we know and trust to be people who care about ethical sourcing. We primarily buy African, South and Central American, European, and some Middle Eastern and Indian minerals.  



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So good!

Compliments every time I wear it. Very high quality like all Beiam products.

I love this jewelry!

Excellent design, fabulous vibes, beautiful necklace. Everyone who sees the pendant, with whichever core, says they want one!

great product


Legit love & support everything about this company & team. Amazing cusomter service and magical stones!


Great as always!