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Endlessly Switchable for Self-Expression

The modern, modular necklace that's easy to change and lasts a lifetime. It can be used to match your outfit, solidify your intention for the day, represent a cause that matters to you, support your team and more. 

  • Match your outfit
  • Pick your intention

  • Wear what you like

  • Change it easily

  • Simplify gift shopping

Change your stones or chain in seconds.

All in One Gateway
$ 45
  • Endlessly Customizable 
  • Sleek and Understated 

  • Designed for Everyone 

These Gateways are milled to perfection using precise machining techniques.

They are cut down from a solid piece of metal to ensure that the Gateways are strong enough for every day use and that your Cores are held tightly and safely inside.

A stainless steel, gold plated or black snake chain come with the Gateway. They come in 18, 22 and 27 inch lengths.

Includes a cut Core of choice.

Gold and matte gold Gateways are made with brass and the black and silver Gateways are made with anodized aluminum



    Let customers speak for us

    252 reviews
    Amazing Product

    I fell in love with the design of these pieces. I was sent the wrong gateway at first, but they quickly sent me the correct one. I’ve went further and purchased 8 cores, I love minerals and stones, these are wonderful.

    Very versatile

    I like that you can change out the cores to match my outfits. I’ve gotten a few compliments on it. Fits comfortably around my neck. Very pleased with it and how interchangeable everything is


    This gateway builder really helps visualize exactly how the product will look when you receive it. I ordered myself two necklaces and one as a gift and they looked exactly what I expected.

    Love the pendant

    Love everything that arrived. My only thing issue was some misunderstanding in ordering. In the gateway builder it said malachite core, which I chose, and the had malachite core listed separately in my checkout. I thought I was ordering two malachite cores so I removed one from my cart. I had planned to get more than one so also had a labradorite core. When the order arrived it was only the labradorite. I think the cart and checkout could be clearer. I plan to get a malachite core and others as time goes on

    The Gateway
    Exactly what my wife wanted

    This was a birthday gift for my wife. She is big into "rocks." This is exactly what she wanted. She loves the rose gold on the pendent.. Interchangeable stones to go with whatever mood or outfit she is in. Its an excellent piece. Shipped super fast and the communication was great.