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Endlessly Switchable for Self-Expression

The modern, modular necklace that's easy to change and lasts a lifetime. It can be used to match your outfit, solidify your intention for the day, represent a cause that matters to you, support your team and more. 

  • Match your outfit
  • Pick your intention

  • Wear what you like

  • Change it easily

  • Simplify gift shopping

Change your stones or chain in seconds.

All in One Gateway
$ 45
  • Endlessly Customizable 
  • Sleek and Understated 

  • Designed for Everyone 

These Gateways are milled to perfection using precise machining techniques.

They are cut down from a solid piece of metal to ensure that the Gateways are strong enough for every day use and that your Cores are held tightly and safely inside.

A stainless steel, gold plated or black snake chain come with the Gateway. They come in 18, 22 and 27 inch lengths.

Includes a cut Core of choice.

Gold and matte gold Gateways are made with brass and the black and silver Gateways are made with anodized aluminum



    Let customers speak for us

    292 reviews
    Beautiful, simple

    The sterling silver gateway is exactly what I was hoping to find--a quality piece I can wear regularly that is timeless, clean, and simple. Being able to fill it with a core of my choice is the icing!


    this is my favorite crystal necklace so far. The design is very cool and chic, everyone loves my necklace.

    Love it!

    I got my wife the silver gateway and a rose quartz, labradorite, amethyst, sunstone, and white flash moonstone as our anniversary present. She loves it! Got myself the sideways black gateway with Amazonite and it’s really classy - simple, but elegant and masculine. We want to get all the stones and gateways eventually.

    Moonstone shimmmer

    Amazing quality crystal .. Just wow. I have hundreds of crystals , raw tumbled towers points etc.. These cores for the Beiam gateways are stellar. I wish Beaim keeps making more variety of cores..i will buy them all

    So Beautiful

    I absolutely love my Beiam products! The High Grade Amazonite is amazing! The color is brilliant and I love the way it looks and feels when I wear it. Thank you Beiam for the great products and service.