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This core is individually cut and hand-faceted from Cape Amethyst.


Amethyst is a gorgeous stone that forms in many shades and depths of purple and can form in a variety of grades, ranging from many inclusions to completely crystal clear. We do our best to carry high-middle grade Amethyst that showcases the full range of what the stone has to offer.


Amethyst has historically been called a “Gem of Fire” and a “ Stone of Wisdom”. It was highly prized in many civilizations, and in some its value was seen as equivalent to that of diamonds even though it comes from the abundant quartz family. The rich purple hue was historically associated with wisdom, royalty, creativity, calm, and sobriety.


Most typically associated withcreativity, calmness, psychic development and restful sleep.


 Generally, Amethyst is thought to work on the Third Eye and crown chakras and sometimes in the throat. Personally, we have noticed a lot of cleansing action in all three areas, plus a lifting of the feeling of the overall energetic field. There is also usually a component that feels like more light and information are able to permeate through the veils of the brain and body.


Where Amethyst really shines is in meditation and internal work with your higher self (the sentience and consciousness within you that isn’t driven by your brain or emotions, the observer self). When you work with Amethyst as a guide to go within, your ability to find and interact with energy blockages, echoes of traumas, self-sabotaging constructs, injured parts of yourself and harmful belief systems expands greatly. If you can meet these difficulties with compassion and loving kindness, your ability to release and move past them wildly increases. Remember to treat these issues within yourself with the kindness and compassion you would have for a child you love that is in pain. 


For the best effect we recommend that you hold your stone and pull the energy through your hands, up through the arms, through the heart center and pull it purposefully into the Crown or Third Eye (depending which feels correct for you). After that, let the energy expand throughout your body and auric field (approximately 6 feet all around you). When you feel in tune with the energy focus on the middle of your forehead and when you feel the tingling of your own consciousness, expand it as far as you’re able within your body and field. Do your best to remain open to the feelings and thoughts that flow forth in your open state. Please remember if you’re experiencing a lot of fear or negativity to thank it for its presence in your life and what it was trying to teach you or keep you safe from and allow it to flow out and away from your body and your experience. 


TLDR: Amethyst is commonly used for creativity, wisdom, expansion, psychic development, restful sleep, and dream work.


A Short Disclaimer: Where you feel the energy and action of a stone can be a universal experience, but it will largely depend on the makeup of your personal energetic system (the make up of your personal energies, emotions, and life experiences). If you choose to work with stones please listen to your body and intuition about what will serve you the best. Stone energies are not a magical cure-all and do require willingness to move blocks and take action on what you learn in your inner journeys. You may experience buried emotions or thoughts resurfacing and aspects of your healing process can be painful.



-Cape Amethyst


-Natural Stone


         -Images show possible variations of color and texture.


Creation Method:




         -Each core is hand faceted to a specific size and shape.




L: 28mm/1.1 inchesW: 6mm/0.23 inchesD: 6mm/0.23 inches


*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Complete the necklace:
Standard Black Gateway
Standard Gold Gateway
Standard Stainless Steel Gateway
1.5mm Snake Chain

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Keiara Moore
Absolutely crushed!

I am an Aquarian and i was devastated when my crystal broke ( first time putting it in to my necklace ) it literally broke in half! I walked around with it like that for a day my energy felt super off and i changed It with one of my others, wish i got the chance to fully utilize it.

Simply Stunning

My recent order of an Amethyst core and a Lapis Lazuli core did not disappoint! The customer service that we received, the kind and thoughtful communication while purchasing these cores, and the finished products that we received were simply stunning! I wear my gateway every single day - and I tell everyone who comments about it that they need to check Beiam out! I absolutely adore this company, their staff and their products! Thank you for always providing the highest quality for your customers!!

Lucas Pfleger

I love Beiam and all the products. Continuously surprised on the innovative ways you ship and create such masterpieces.

Ron R.
Purple Rain

Just a beautiful blend of color !

Beth D

I love my amethyst core! It's the perfect color purple. It looks beautiful in The Magician Gateway. I really wish you had a Gateway that held more than one core at a time so I could wear several at once!