Moonstone Mini


This is a mini core, specifically made to fit in a Mini gateway.

This core is hand-faceted from Moonstone.Itranges from white to clear, but most often has a lustrous pearly white matrix.

The flash can range from almost entirely blue to a full rainbow spectrum.

Moonstone is called a stone of Inspiration.

Most typically associated with emotional clarity, intuition and natural cycles.


-Natural Stone


Care Instructions: Because Lapis Lazuli naturally contains Pyrite, we recommend that you avoid getting it wet. Pyrite contains compounds that can oxidize or create small amounts of acid when wet. Stones will break if they are dropped onto a hard surface.

Dimensions: L: 9mm/0.35 inches W: 6mm/0.23 inches D: 6mm/0.23 inches

*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.


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