Negativity Blocker (Malachite and Shungite)

Origin: Congo and Russia


This mix was made for people who have to deal with people and situations that give off a lot of negative, uncomfortable, and mood-souring energy either at the workplace or in other areas of life. This is a great core for people in difficult workplaces that have a lot of negative energy floating around, unfortunately, this can apply to any profession. If you work in an emotionally and energetically harsh environment and want to protect yourself, this is the core for you.


The Malachite acts as a shield around the body and aura, absorbing and moving or deflecting unwanted or unhelpful outside energies (including EMF radiation). It also works internally to help transform stuck or stagnant emotions within the wearer and to help shift the wearer out of situations that do not serve them.


The Shungite acts to further absorb and ground negative energies within and outside of the wearer, and to make sure all of the negative energy is grounded into the Earth and pulled away. Shungite is also great for helping the wearer to set firm boundaries with difficult individuals and their energies, it helps make the wearer more assertive in standing up for themselves in a way that is honest and straightforward but not harsh. 


Contains: Resin, Malachite and Shungite.

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