Carnelian/ Red Onyx


This core is individually cut and hand-faceted from vibrant Red Onyx (we usually call it Carnelian as they are mineralogically the same, both being red to orange formations of Chalcedony. Carnelian is differentiated for its lack of white banding).

Carnelian is called a stone of Motivation and Endurance.

This smooth red-orange stone derives its name from the Latin word for "flesh". It was prized by Egyptians because it was believed to bring people courage, physical power, endurance, fearlessness, and strength.

Most typically associated withstimulating physical energy, prosperity, ambition and sexuality.


-Natural Stone


Care Instructions: Red Onyx/ Carnelian should not be worn or put in saltwater. Saltwater can cause the stone to fracture, making the stone unstable and prone to break.

Dimensions:L: 28mm/1.1 inchesW: 6mm/0.23 inchesD: 6mm/0.23 inches

*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.


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