The Tower

It is 3D printed and cast in 925 Sterling Silver and brass.

The Tower is an octagonal design with a delicately beveled top and bottom. It features a solid metal back and an open front, where the core face is encased in delicate metal ribs to hold in cores securely. It comes with a matching beveled top for a clean and seamless look.

This design blends angles, curves and fine detail for a bold and unique look.

The Tower will hold any of our currently available standard-sized cores.

This design is sold without a chain or cores. Please see theCores Page or theAccessories Page via the links to purchase either.

Important Note: These Gateways are experimental designs that may or may not be made again. Act quickly if you'd like to make sure you get one, as the numbers are very limited.


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Clear Quartz
David S.
Crystal Clear Quartz

I have wanted a clear quartz core for some time now, and I was so happy to see this offering. I wear it with either the silver or black gateways, looks great with either one.

What a light lovely mix

This is an unexpected mix of stone. So pretty and delicate! I love it!

peaceful light blue

This is a great core, love the light colors, and goes really well with the silver gateway. I also connect with the meanings behind the stones - awareness, higher consciousness, motivation and inspiration.

Garage Sale March 2023

Very please and satisfied as always!

kelly cipriani

Love this core! Looks awesome in the black and silver

Super pleased

Really like this travel kit. Now I don’t have to choose which core and can bring all my faves!

Beautiful work, sustainable workmanship

This is my low-key favorite stone that I have. The red, particularly against the black core, is stunning. I love all the stones I own, but this one is my go to for just about any and all occasions.

Garage Sale March 2023
Amazing stuff

I'm so happy with the items i got. Can't wait for more!

Kelly Kruml
Cosmic laborodite

Stunning piece, absolutely beautiful. The flash is exquisite. One of my new favorites

Garage Sale March 2023
Amber Johnston
Creates Jealousy!

My friends and coworkers ask me about the "stunning" necklace I wear from Beiam! They can't believe that the cores are interchangeable and how beautiful they are. It's so easy to change my core based on my mood or outfit. I can't wait to purchase more!!!

1.5mm Snake Chain
Daniel Alvarado
Love How it Looks!

Had this chain for about a month now and I love it. It is great quality and feels nice to wear. It’s also got a nice shine that is hard to get with some other chains that end up looking dull. Definitely would buy another :)

Garage Sale March 2023

Garage Sale March 2023

Love the Look

I've been rocking the black gateway since I first found this website, but for the darker stones, such as the onyx, the tiger's eye, etc, the silver is such a better contrast. It's been a blast playing with the different looks.

Garage Sale March 2023

Garage Sale March 2023

Garage Sale March 2023
Gorgeous cores

Beautiful quality, reasonable price, love the uniqueness and ability to change it up every day.

Peach Moonstone
Kelly Kruml
Peach moonstone

The peach moonstone core is my current favorite. I hadn't ever seen it before. It's absolutely beautiful. The shimmer and flash of this core is excellent.

Really cool

Nice , convenient little tray . Love it

1.5mm Rounded Box Chain
Kristen Silvia

I have purchased several cores, and necklace chains. I love each one. I especially like being able to interchange cores for a fresh look.

The Valkyrie
Kelly Kruml
All time favorite

I lost my last sterling gateway on a trip and was so sad. I need this necklace. I ordered the valkyrie and I love it so damn much! The shape of it is so elegantly fierce. It's so beautiful and the cores are (as always) amazing. I wear this every day. I also bought the rose gold gateway for travel, so I never lose my favorite necklace again. This. Is the. Best.

Great item

Very pretty chain. Simple, great looking

The Magician
The Magician

Another amazing quality product!

Beth D

The Onyx core is simply stunning. It's cool and grounding to the touch. It's classic and goes with everything. I'm very happy with my purchase as always.


Strong and simple.

Blue Opal
Blue Opal

Another amazing addition to my collection

Cameron j stone
Deep and Bright color

A very unique crystal!