The Tower

This is the first design in our Gateway Evolution collection. It is 3D printed and cast in 925 Sterling Silver, available in either a polished or media-blasted matte finish.

The Tower is an octagonal design with a delicately beveled top and bottom. It features a solid metal back and an open front, where the core face is encased in delicate metal ribs to hold in cores securely. It comes with a matching beveled top for a clean and seamless look.

This design blends angles, curves and fine detail for a bold and unique look.

The Tower will hold any of our currently available standard-sized cores.

This design is sold without a chain or cores. Please see theCores Page or theAccessories Page via the links to purchase either.

Important Note: These Gateways are experimental designs that may or may not be made again. Act quickly if you'd like to make sure you get one, as the numbers are very limited.