Tigers Eye



This core is individually cut and hand-faceted from rich, flashy, gold and deep brown Tiger's Eye. 

Tigers Eye was called the "All-seeing All-knowing eye" by ancient Egyptians.

It was believed by ancient cultures to give a wearer the capacity to see everything around them, even through closed doors. Romans associated it with safety and bravery in battle. Many other cultures associated Tigers Eye with prosperity and good fortune.

Most typically associated with wisdom, manifestation and creativity.



-Natural Stone


Care Instructions: Stones will break if they are dropped onto a hard surface. Do not wear cores while running or other activities with visible fault lines.

Dimensions: L: 28mm/1.1 inches W: 6mm/0.23 inches D: 6mm/0.23 inches

*The product photo shows three cores to illustrate possible color and texture variations in the minerals. Purchase includes one core.


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